A Comedy of Gamers
Director - Matt Harris
Witch Hunt
Director - Edward Hicks
Director - Alessandro Fazio
Nine Days a Queen
Director - Joanns Buncelmans
Director - Nathalie Lamprecht
About Jordan
Director - Ariq Khan
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Neutral Underscores
Neutral, looping tuned percussion underscores for news, documentaries & online content. Layers of marimba, vibraphone & xylophone, sparkling glockenspiel, positive piano & delicate light percussion.
Intense Horror Builds
Scary, intense builders for horror, thrillers, action & psychological drama. Aggressive drums, gritty synths, ominous electronics & powerful braams for threat & chases
True Crime Beds
Anxious, tense electronic underscores & beds for true crime & investigation. Ticking, nervous percussion, ominous synths, metallic rhythms & static, suspenseful atmospheres.
Cinematic 80s Underscores
Classic retro synths, electronic drums & expansive reverbs; spacious electronic underscores for drama infused with sound worlds reminiscent of the 80s
Rugged Drive & Innovation
Bold, rugged electronic tracks for cool driving motivation, advertising, promos & sports. Powerful, punchy beats, edgy synths & gritty distorted electric guitars
Soft Piano Moods
An album for 2nd Foundation Music: Soft, tender, sparse upright piano textures & moods, from defeated emotion to hopeful.
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Library Music
The Wooden Sword
Director - Veronica Taleski
Director - Ali Sargent
A Day in the Park
Director - Tiago Inoue
Director - Mona Ibrahim
Life in a Click
Director - Talita Dupret
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Director - Alejandra Anguita Corostola
Director - Qin Li
Director - Sasha Markaryn
Director - John Uloth
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A Day in the Park

Director - Tiago Inoue

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